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Hospitality & Healthcare
Cost Effective Advertising

We know how difficult the job market can truly be so we developed a jobs board just for your industries

It's 2022 NOT 1922 - GET SEEN - Don't Be Invisible - Get Noticed

How Does Blackberry Recruitment Attract Candidates? 

They use our jobs board because:

  • Applicants can easily apply

  • Link all Your posted Jobs instantly to your web site

  • It’s The Modern way

  • Everyone searches on mobile devises

  • Its instantly reactive

  • It’s Linked to Google Jobs & search engines 

  • If anyone is looking - your advert finds them

  • Great Backend management system

  • Its cost-effective advertising 

  • Now You Know How Blackberry attracts candidates?

All This for As Little As £85.00 (Standard Rate)

No Gimmicks

No Tricks

No Clicks

No Extra Costs

Further Discounts Available - You Can Save some £35 per advert

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