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HR Support & Using Our Micro Recruiting System

Use What You Want When You Want

You Only Pay For What You Need 

No Catches

No Gimmicks

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For the last 21 years clients have turned to us a professional Recruitment / Human Resources Consulting & Business development support company, so Blackberry has now launched a solutions system.
Think Of It as Your Own Micro Recruitment & HR Business 
It’s about embracing the future – Blackberry HR Embraced the Challenge – Look at Rightmove

HR Support & Micro Recruiting: Service

Recruitment Knowledge + Agency Resources + HR Expertise + Advertising Just for You

The Help You Need, Right Here - Use What You Want, When You want, saving £'s

Business Meeting throught the Window

Get Everything You Need

January 16, 2022

We get to understand your business needs, your HR & Support needs, what's relevant and is required in this fast-paced world,

YES, WE LISTEN - Then create tools we / you can use as and when, it’s like having your very own HR manager on a zero hours contract, along with your own micro recruitment business. Saving £ Thousands on advertising, recruitment, and a full time HR Managers Salary.

You simply use what your business needs when you want, YES you can turn off some or all the support when you don't need us.

Want to experience the expertise of Blackberry HR Concept for yourself?

Give us a call today and let’s discuss, let’s see what we can do for you.

It’s all about working together.

Spaces on this program are restricted to ensure Blackberry can give the best support possible!

The Best Tips to Find Applicants

February 09, 2022

Blackberry HR will look after your advertising, we hold every advert for every position in your business, when we receive any vacancy from your appointed person(S) we will publish the advert on your very own portal on Blackberry Jobs as a FEATURED EMPLOYER, your adverts appears instantly in all searches at the top on a featured level, you logo is linked to your web site, your sites own jobs board is updated.

You and your HR support Manager receive all applicants & cvs via email.

Of course we have preferential rates for our HR Clients and these discounts apply if you should ever need to use of Blackberry Hospitality Recruitment & Healthcare Recruitment expertise as a back up!

Just think how much time you spent, money you spent on advertising then add in Temp people, then


Guess its worth while discussing further - 

As we do less and less, so the costs become less and less? 

UK Border.jpg

Employing International Staff

December 11, 2021

Yes It's  certainly tricky - but nothing worth waiting for is easy Blackberry will work with you to ensure you have all the tools you require to get approved, become a UKBA registered sponsor, attract your own International Candidates, get their documents verified and approved to the required level.

We can even filter them down, do first interviews and arrange reference checks in their own countries giving you the client validation of the canddiates qualifications and backgrounds.

We are happy to mentor any individual to carry out this role or like everything Blackberry works with you on, you can turn this on and off at anytime, involve some of the time - all the time - or on that odd occasion when your not quite sure.

Blackberry has a UK online network to assist you when you need it, and yes we do respond 7 days a week, your business needs us when you are operational!

HR Support & Micro Recruiting: Advice & Resources
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