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Attracting Jobseekers

January 26, 2022

Yes They Are Out There! - Many Clients ask us why do they receive little or zero responses to their adverts, try asking yourself?

  • Do You Need to get your adverts noticed by a wider audience

  • Fed Up Of Paying Expensive Advertising

  • Do You want to Reach a huge volume of candidates Instantly

  • Be Visible on Google & Other Search Engines

  • Have your very own Jobs Board

  • Don't overpay for platform add ons  you don't need - Zoom Is FREE!

  • Advertise your vacancy Locally, Regionally, Nationally & Internationally

  • Control Everything Yourself

  • Advertise when you want at the click of your mouse from anywhere

  • Only want to pay £50.00 per advert for all the above  

If just one point of the above applys to your business needs and you want to save a fortune. Then you need Blackberry Jobs Micro Recruitment System 

Attracting Jobseekers: In the Press
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