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Yes Blackberry will search for suitable candidates for you, place local, regional, national & international adverts.

Contact its 16,500+ candidates, filter them down then supply you with details of the candidates we feel are suitable! Of course we charge you fees for these services should we fill your position. (s)

Scroll down for more information or give a call on 01244 980111,  ...Message us or drop the team a quick email 

You do all the work

We at Blackberry know many employers like to do their own recruitment, so just think how to get your vacancy in front of THOUSANDS of job seekers, your advert will be on BLACKBERRYS JOBS BOARD & Google Jobs, and any online job search by a local person or anyone searching to work within your area or even EU  & International candidates will find you!

Chat to us on 01244 980111 drop us an email or why not start advertising now........ Click here 

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24/7 Online Support For All

Blackberry understands you guys operate 24/7 so can we, should you require assistance just email us anytime or leave a voice message on 01244980111 for recruitment needs or for our Jobs Board 01244980110 this will then automatically reach one of our consultants who will respond and assist, yes even at weekends we will get back to you!

Hotline Consultant

Employing Staff From The UK

Its important to make sure what your searching for is out there, its no good trying to fill a position that offers no advantages to any potential job seeker, even if you don't use Blackberrys recruitment services at this time we will always point you in the right direction, you may be surprised what you can find out from us?  it costs nothing to chat. call us!

Employing EU Nationals


The rules have changed we at Blackberry ensure all our EU applicants are legally allowed to work in the UK you will be supplied with a copy of their status allowing you to employ the legally. Should you need any assistance in employing your own EU applicants we will always point you in the right direction it costs nothing to chat!

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Employing International Staff

Yes it is possible to attract skilled Chefs, Managers, Supervisors to work in the UK from across the planet.

Yes you do need to comply to UKBA rules.

Yes you must be approved by UKBA as a responsible employer.

Yes Blackberry can assist you, just give us a call to find out more.

Blackberry takes a more personal approach, setting us apart from other staffing services. If you happen to be looking for a  for new talent to join your team, we are here to make the experience as simple, quick, and easy as possible.

Simply contact one of our experts today. 

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It's not just about what you offer  - It's about how its received .

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Great People  Always Available- All Levels - All Departments 

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